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Airlines See 1200% Bump in Mobile Boarding Pass Use

Wed, August 18, 2010

Airlines, in an attempt to make flight check-ins more convenient as well as reduce printing costs of tickets and check-in kiosks, began playing with the idea of mobile boarding passes back in 2008. The iPhone had been on a market for a year and mobile usage was evolving. People were doing much more with their phones than they were yesteryear and the airlines were ready to capitalize on it.

The technology they birthed, which is very similar to that of's Toor Tags™, was utilized by a modest 50,000 travelers that first year. Forgoing the clumsy paper ticket, they requested to have their boarding pass appear in digital format right on their mobile device. While 2008 didn't result in an impressive adoption, it did show a glimmer of light. In 2009 usage shot up to 600,000. Jupiter Research is reporting that in 2010, over 2 billion mobile boarding passes will be sent out, with an expected usage of 15 billion by 2014.

Consumers are demanding simpler, more convenient methods of interacting with companies and brands. With our mobile phones never leaving our hip, it provides a perfect means of engaging customers, cutting costs and offering a greater level of service that is instantly accessible to the masses. Technology such mobile boarding passes and are reaching their prime today and will be part of everyday life in the very near future.