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Analytics and Pre-Designed Toor Tags

Thu, May 01, 2014

1) Analytics

Curious as to how many people have viewed your toor? Wonder no more. Not only does now show you how many views your toor has received since you created it, but it details out whether they were viewing the Mobile version of your toor or the Desktop version.


2) Pre-designed Toor Tags
Toor Tags are a great way to easily link mobile users to your toors, instantly interacting with potential buyers. However, some users need a little guidance on how to use this technology. We now offer two instructional versions of the Toor Tag, depending on how much free space you have on your flyer. We recommend the Large version, as it provides the most detail and options to access your Toors.

When you just need your Toor Tag without instructions, to put in a real estate listing catalog, on a yard sign, or directly on your real estate sign (or some other crazy application!) we now offer two sizes, Small and Large.