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Mobile Magic

With over 900 million mobile web users, and mobile web usage projected to surpass fixed internet in 5 years, making your listings not only accessible, but brilliantly shine on mobile devices is essential to your success. makes your listings available on hundreds of devices instantly. Beautiful slideshows, detailed property information, and your contact information easily accessible on a moments notice, anywhere in the world.

Toor Tags™

Bring your flyers and signs to life! Your toor instantly loads on smartphones when pointed at your Toor Tag. Thats all it takes to engage a potential buyer! No URLs, no typing, no thinking. You have never seen anything like this!

Out of the box, Blackberries and all Android equipped phones can scan Toor Tags. iPhone access via free app. A Toor Tag is generated for every toor you create.

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Made For Sharing

Social Media? Yeah... we got that covered.

Every toor is equipped with easy sharing tools to make sure your listing is viral-ready. Don't limit yourself with yesteryears technology. Get your toors visible to as many people as possible — and let other people do the work!

Oh, by the way, every toor you make has a short url generated for it. No need for a third party URL shortening service. Your toors are ready for Twitter instantly.

Stupid Simple

You have better things to do than figure out how to use yet another tool. That's why is stupid simple. Absolutely no tech experience required to get started. You will be creating toors immediately after signing up with no troubles what so ever.

We have thought of everything. Never resize a photo again. takes your pictures and scales them to perfection for you. Have a question? We have easily accessible answer right there for you.

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